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Focus on STEM

Focus on STEM

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STEM activities are fun and educational. Two programs from the Center for Educational Outreach at Baylor College of Medicine funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the National Science Foundation enable students to become disease detectives or epidemiologists. Others allow students to investigate design and engineering, and even what it's like to be an astronaut. Select any of the guides for download to jump-start a year-long investigation or to use in after-school programs.

  • Force, Motion, Friction and Energy

    Force, Motion, Friction and EnergyTeacher Guide

    Student teams use the 2016 Hess Toy Truck and Dragster in a series of hands-on classroom activities that stimulate exploration of STEM concepts and engage students in a powerful STEM learning experience that is enriching and fun! (7 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • On the Road with Vehicle Performance

    On the Road with Vehicle PerformanceTeacher Guide

    Student teams use the 2018 HESS RV with ATV and Motorbike in a classroom setting to explore real-world-based STEM activities, which provide them with the skills and knowledge needed to obtain the best vehicle performance. (8 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Operation Rescue

    Operation RescueTeacher Guide

    Student teams use STEM tools as they plan and mount a simulated mission to bring medical and other relief supplies to a country devastated by super typhoon. (9 activities)

    Grades: 6-8 9-12
  • Simple and Compound Machines

    Simple and Compound MachinesTeacher Guide

    Student teams use the 2017 Hess Dump Truck and Loader to explore science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts. Hands-on activities engage students in powerful STEM learning experiences that are captivating and exciting! (8 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Super STEM Sleuths: 1

    Super STEM Sleuths: 1Teacher Guide

    Students investigate infectious diseases and the immune system, and serve as epidemiologists as they trace the route of the Cholera epidemic in London. (13 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Super STEM Sleuths: 2

    Super STEM Sleuths: 2Teacher Guide

    Students study microscopic organisms and discover the links between different microbes and diseases. (10 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Think Like an Astronaut

    Think Like an AstronautTeacher Guide

    Students are introduced to the challenges of space travel with lessons covering the Earth, solar system, microgravity and life in space. (7 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Think Like an Engineer

    Think Like an EngineerTeacher Guide

    Students follow an engineer's approach as they identify problems, brainstorm solutions, design, plan, build, test, refine and produce a product or solution. (8 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8
  • Think Like a Microbiologist

    Think Like a MicrobiologistTeacher Guide

    Students investigate microorganisms and the world of epidemiology. (10 activities)

    Grades: 3-5 6-8