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Gene You: Genetics and Inheritance

Gene You: Genetics and Inheritance

The domestic dog is an important model species for understanding complex genetic traits.
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The fields of genetics and genomics are evolving rapidly and yielding exciting discoveries almost every day. Baylor College of Medicine’s Gene YouSM project is creating and testing science and health curricular resources designed to introduce these subjects to middle and early high school teachers and students. Gene You covers topics such as the importance of family history in understanding disease risk, significance and genetic variability of the microorganisms on and within our bodies (human microbiome), and other emerging areas of research.

Content linked below includes a wide variety of genetics/genomics-based resources for educators, including complete undergraduate courses (available for professional development contact hours), video and slide presentations, and related materials for use in your classroom.

Gene You is funded by the Science Education Partnership Award program, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health. Development of the Genes, Health and Society course was funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Genetics/Genomics Courses

Thumbnail Image for Genes, Health and Society Courses

Genes, Health and Society

This comprehensive course explores genetics and genomics in three discrete modules: Transmission Genetics, The Nature of Genetic Material, and Medical Genetics and Genomics.
Requires registration.
(20 contact hours per module)

Thumbnail Image for An Introduction to Genes and Inherited Traits Course

An Introduction to Genes and Inherited Traits

Explore background information about genes and physical characteristics of offspring to help when introducing students to heredity and inheritable traits.
Requires registration.
(3 contact hours)

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Seminal Experiments in Genetics

Examine 15 discoveries that advanced our knowledge of genetics over the past 150 years, leading to a greater understanding of how traits are passed from generation to generation.
Requires registration.
(6 contact hours)

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Key Advances in Genetics

Learn about key advances in genetics over the last two decades, and examine the fields of proteomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics and behavioral genomics.
Requires registration.
(6 contact hours)

Individual Lessons: Genetics

Free, downloadable classroom lessons for teaching your students about heredity, genetics and genomics.

Thumbnail Image for X or Y: Does It Make a Difference?

X or Y: Does It Make a Difference?

In this classroom activity, students learn and explain the significance of differences in X and Y chromosomes in the human genome.

View this lesson Download PDF Video Digital Slide Set
Thumbnail Image for Reebops: A “Model” Organism for Teaching Genetic Concepts Lesson


The “Reebops” lesson demonstrates, and helps students to understand, how genetic composition leads to both similarities and variation among members of the same species.

Related Video and Slide Presentations

Explore BioEd Online’s library of videos and peer-reviewed, annotated slides related to genetics and genomics. All are free for classroom use.

Thumbnail Image for Evenings with Genetics Presentations

Evenings with Genetics

This series of 10 seminars offers families, teachers and health care providers current information on care, education and research related to a variety of genetic conditions.

Thumbnail Image for Evolutionary Theory Slide Set

Evolutionary Theory

Overview of the history of biological evolutionary theory, including key discoveries and leading scientists.

Thumbnail Image for Heredity


Discover what determines inherited traits, examine Mendelian genetics and learn about pedigrees.

Video Digital Slide Set
Thumbnail Image for Modes of Speciation Slide Set

Modes of Speciation

The study of speciation (formation of new species) can be envisioned as an investigation of how populations evolve genetic distinctiveness and become reproductively separate. View this slide set to learn more.

Thumbnail Image for Molecular Genetics

Molecular Genetics

What are genetics and genomics? In this series, research scientists explain how they unravel secrets of our genetic heritage. They also discuss advances in/applications of genomic medicine.

Video Digital Slide Set
Thumbnail Image for Species Concepts and Reproductive Isolating Barriers Slide Set

Species Concepts and Reproductive Isolating Barriers

What is a “species,” and how do scientists determine which organisms to group together? This slide set explains scientific debates and processes related to the identification of different species.

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Stem Cells and Cloning

Joseph G. Marx, PhD, discusses the cloning process, types and functions of stem cells, medical possibilities of stem cell research, and controversies surrounding this field.

Video Digital Slide Set
Thumbnail Image for The Structure of Cells Slide Set

The Structure of Cells

Each cell, whether prokaryotic or eukarotic, contains a structural, functional and biological purpose. Discover more about the structure of cells.

Nature News Stories

BioEd Online is pleased to provide current biology and life sciences news stories from Nature News, the science syndication arm of the premier international science publisher, the Nature Publishing Group.

For articles on a variety of topics, visit BioEd Online's Nature News library.

'Gene drive' mosquitoes engineered to fight malaria Salmon is first transgenic animal to win US approval for food Debate rages over herbicide's cancer risk Safety upgrade found for gene-editing technique 'Supergene’ determines wading birds’ sex strategy Leukaemia success heralds wave of gene-editing therapies

Additional Resources

Supplemental resources for enriching your students' understanding of genetics and genomics.

Thumbnail Image for New Hope for Fading Memories: Alzheimer's Disease Hot Topic

New Hope for Fading Memories

It is estimated that Alzheimer's affects as many as five million Americans, and 26 million people worldwide. Learn about its causes, symptoms, and work being done to better understand and combat this disease.

Thumbnail Image for Embryonic Stem Cells Hot Topic

Embryonic Stem Cells

To understand the stem cell debate, it is important to know what stem cells are and the types of research for which they are used. Learn more about this important issue, and the efforts being made to advance the possibilities of stem cell research.

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From the Labs at BCM

From the Laboratories at Baylor College of Medicine is a monthly online newsletter that shares new information about research being conducted at BCM with science and medical writers and editors.

Funded by the following grant(s)

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Gene You: Inquiry-based Genomics Learning Experiences for Teachers and Students
Grant Number: 1R25RR032158

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Using Learning Technology to Build Human Capital
Grant Number: 57363