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Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Learned Behaviors

Author(s): Gregory Vogt, Ed.D., Barbara Tharp, M.S., Christopher Burnett, B.A., and Nancy Moreno, Ph.D.
Train Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Learned Behaviors
  • Grades:
  • 3-5

How do we learn and remember things? Students investigate behaviors that occur without conscious thought, and as well as skills that can be acquired or improved. Through a the following series of 11 hands-on activities, students also learn about connections between the brain, central nervous system and well-learned memories.

  1. What Makes You, You? - Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

  2. Amazing Learned Behaviors - Memory and Learning

  3. Where It All Happens - The Brain Model

  4. Which Side Are You On? - Laterality

  5. Think Fast - Reflexes and Well-learned Movements

  6. The Ball and Cup - Training Your Brain

  7. Getting Shifty - Vision Shifting Goggles

  8. Juggle Your Brain - More Training

  9. More Than Five - The Senses

  10. Are You Well Balanced? - Balance and Movement

  11. A Talent Improvement Plan - Have You Trained Your Brain?

The activities are appropriate for upper elementary and lower middle school students, but are easily adaptable for other grade levels.

Download: Train Your Brain