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Student Magazines

Student Magazines

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Collection of magazines containing articles and activities that can be used to generate student interest in a variety of science topics.

  • Brain Chemistry Explorations

    Brain Chemistry ExplorationsReading

    Students examine the structure of the brain, neurons and the central nervous system, and they learn how some plants stimulate or depress certain aspects of the nervous system.

    Grades: 6-8
  • Brain Comparisons Explorations

    Brain Comparisons ExplorationsReading

    Students learn about different structures in the brain and determine the differences and similarities of animals’ brains.

    Grades: 3-5
  • Explorations: Air

    Explorations: AirReading

    In The Science of Air: Explorations magazine, students learn about the properties of air, explore what can be found in dust, make a lung model, read about a pulmonologist, and more.

    Grades: K-2 3-5
  • Explorations: Food

    Explorations: FoodReading

    Students match foods with the appropriate food groups, and they learn about food labels, plants and photosynthesis, food as fuel for the body, and more.

    Grades: 3-5
  • Explorations: Global Atmospheric Change

    Explorations: Global Atmospheric ChangeReading

    Students learn about Earth's atmosphere and the greenhouse effect, identify where children live based on their clothing, make a sundial, and model Earth's atmosphere.

    Grades: K-2 3-5
  • Explorations: Water

    Explorations: WaterReading

    Students examine uses and properties of water, investigate water pollution, get tips for saving water and keeping the water supply clean, and learn about water in the human body.

    Grades: K-2 3-5
  • Memory and Learning Explorations

    Memory and Learning ExplorationsReading

    Students explore the differences between different kinds of learning and how memories are stored, mnemonics, conditioned learning, and see examples of what people with dyslexia see, and more.

    Grades: 3-5
  • X-Times: Alcohol

    X-Times: AlcoholReading

    Students learn about alcohol and its uses, as well as alcoholism and genetics, family and social pressures, and other related topics.

    Grades: 6-8 9-12
  • X-Times: Career Options

    X-Times: Career OptionsReading

    Student magazine: Special issue featuring healthcare professionals who discuss why each chose his or her career, educational requirements needed to obtain the job, and day-to-day responsibilities.

    Grades: 6-8
  • X-Times: Microbes

    X-Times: MicrobesReading

    Student magazine: Articles focusing on microbes, both helpful and harmful. Includes a special report, "HIV/AIDS: The Virus and the Epidemic."

    Grades: 6-8