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Classroom and Laboratory Safety Signs

Classroom and Laboratory Safety Signs

Safety involves instruction. Introduce students to, or reinforce their knowledge of science safety policies using any of the 39 common pictograms contained in this slide set. Though most of the slides pertain to science safety in hands-on activities, some are for general classroom use.

For more information about creating a safe teaching environment, join Michael Vu, MS, as he discusses Science Safety in Elementary Schools (video and accompanying slide set).

Author(s): Deanne Erdmann MS
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Thermal Stratification in Lakes

Genetic Drift and Fixation of an Allele

Example of an Infectious Disease - AIDS

Importance of Plants to Humans

Invertebrates and Vertebrates

Record Your Data

Why Do Skeletal Muscle Fibers Atrophy During Space Flight?

Consequences of the Muscle Atrophy Response

Serial Dilutions

Understanding of How Science Works

Complex Animals Sleep and Need Sleep to Survive

There are Differences Among People in the Duration of Sleep Needed

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