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K-1: The Senses

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, Michael Vu, MS, Delinda Mock, BA, Christopher Burnett, BA, and Nancy Moreno, PhD.

K-1: The Senses

While the activities are designed for students in grades K-1, the lessons are easily adaptable for students in Pre-K or grade 2.

For complete instructions, materials and setup, length of time to conduct activity, extensions and additional information for this activity, download this activity, free-of-charge at Or, download the K-1: The Senses Teacher’s Guide, free-of-charge at 

Development of The Learning Brain educational materials was supported by grant number 5R25DA033006 from the National Institutes of Health, NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research Science Education Award, National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), administered through the Office of the Director, Science Education Partnership Award program.

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