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K-1: The Senses

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, Michael Vu, MS, Delinda Mock, BA, Christopher Burnett, BA, and Nancy Moreno, PhD.

Let's Get Fruity!

Procedure: Part 2

Tell students that they will use the powdered soft drink mix to create artwork that smells delicious. Give each group 4 small paper cups, a cup half-filled with water and 4 spoons. Instruct each student to carefully add one spoonful of water to one bag of drink mix. Students should then seal the bags and gently shake them, so that the powder dissolves into the water. They now will have created “Smelly Paint.”

Instruct students to carefully pour their “paint” into a small paper cup. Alternately, you may pour the “paint” for students.

Give each student 4 cotton swabs (“paintbrushes”). Remind students to use each cotton swab with only one color.

Hand out copies of the “Let’s Get Fruity” page. Direct students to pick a crayon that matches one fruit on the page, and outline the fruit with that crayon. Tell students that they will paint the fruits with the corresponding scented paints. For more fragrant pictures, encourage students to paint two layers on each picture.

Allow the paper to dry. Then, demonstrate how to activate the smell, by gently scratching the dry paint.

Ask, What parts of the body enable you to smell? Have students refer to the body diagram, if needed. They should understand that nerve connections between the nose and the brain are necessary for the sense of smell.

Have students write one sentence in their notebooks about what they have learned about smell. 

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