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K-1: The Senses

K-1: The Senses

In a series of nine activities, students learn about the basic characteristics and structures of the brain and skull; investigate sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch; and discover how the brain and the senses are connected.

This slide set is designed for use with activities found in K-1: The Senses Teacher’s Guide.

While the activities are most appropriate for students in grades K-1, the lessons are easily adaptable for other grade levels.

Author(s): Tadzia GrandPré, PhD
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Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain

Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis


Natural Selection

Presenting. . . You! (2)


Diagram of the Human Brain

Human Integumentary System

Factors to Consider in Pedigrees

Inquiry Abilities: National Science Education Standards for Grades 9-12

Sleep Latency = Sleep Propensity = Sleepiness

The Biological Species Concept

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