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K-1: The Senses

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, Michael Vu, MS, Delinda Mock, BA, Christopher Burnett, BA, and Nancy Moreno, PhD.

Skull Diagram

Procedure (cont.)

Distribute a copy of “Skull Diagram” to each student. Have students cut out the skull and arrange it over the brain in their notebooks.

Ask, Does the skull fit over the brain? After students have discovered the correct orientation for the skull, have them tape down the top of the skull over the brain. Discuss ways in which we protect our brains and skulls in everyday life. Examples include using helmets while riding bicycles and wearing seat belts while riding in a motor vehicle.

If available, display a brain/skull model. Show students how the brain sits inside the skull. Ask, How is the model like a real brain and skull? How is it different? Give students time to make their own observations. 

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