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K-1: The Senses

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, Michael Vu, MS, Delinda Mock, BA, Christopher Burnett, BA, and Nancy Moreno, PhD.

Children's Activities

Procedure (cont.)

Give each student a copy of the “Children’s Activities” page. Explain that they will match the picture of each activity to the area of the brain that controls that activity. 

Instruct students to look at all of the images, and select the activities they think are related to the thinking part of the brain (reading, writing, speaking, seeing and painting). Discuss students’ choices, making certain that students understand that each brain part has specific functions. Have students color the bottom section of each “thinking” picture red.

Have students cut out all the pictures. They should glue or tape pictures with a red band near the cerebrum (also colored red) on their brain diagram.

Note: See slide 10 for the answer key.

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