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Bio Build-up

Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Barbara Tharp, MS.

Let's Get Started

In this activity, students will make a model of a simple food chain to learn what happens to pollutants in a food chain. They will discover how toxins can accumulate in consumers at the top of the food chain. 

Have students use scissors to separate 20 dots from the strip (or sheet) without removing the backing. Next, have them work through the steps on the “Bio Build-up!” sheet, which depicts an aquatic ecosystem. The stickers or other markers will represent amounts of toxins consumed at each step of the food chain.

Funded by the following grant(s)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

My Health My World: National Dissemination
Grant Number: 5R25ES009259
The Environment as a Context for Opportunities in Schools
Grant Number: 5R25ES010698, R25ES06932