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Safe Food Preparation

Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Barbara Tharp, MS.

Let's Continue

Have students open their bags and add 1/2 cup of whole, unflavored milk to their mixtures. Have each team of two students fill a gallon-size, re-sealable plastic bag about halfway with ice, and then add about 6 tablespoons of rock salt. 

Direct both members of each team to place their bags into the larger “ice” bag and seal the large bag carefully. Have students take turns shaking the gallon bags until the mixture in their smaller bags freezes.

Let students remove their individual smaller bags, wipe or rinse off the salt water and enjoy their ice cream treat. 

Later, have each student write a paragraph describing the steps he or she followed to make ice cream. Have students include descriptions of how they kept their food and work areas clean.

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