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Measuring and Protecting Skin

Author(s): Nancy P. Moreno, PhD, Barbara Z. Tharp, MS, and Judith Dresden, MS.

Let's Talk About It

During this activity, students learn that skin protects the body’s inner tissues and provides information about the outside world. 

Ask students, Did you or the orange have more skin? and Why is skin so important? Discuss what might happen if oranges didn’t have skin. (Most likely, the orange would dry up.) Ask students to imagine how they might look and feel without their skin. 

Discuss the importance of protecting our skin from UV radiation. Have students devise strategies for protecting skin. Some examples might include wearing clothes with long sleeves, always applying sunscreen, wearing hats, etc.

Funded by the following grant(s)

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, NIH

My Health My World: National Dissemination
Grant Number: 5R25ES009259
The Environment as a Context for Opportunities in Schools
Grant Number: 5R25ES010698, R25ES06932

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