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Author(s): Tracy Volz, PhD
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Get Organized

It is important to take time prior to the interview to review your notes, match your qualifications with the needs of the employer, and formulate questions to ask the interviewer. This will indicate that you have done your homework, are well suited for the job, and are serious about the position for which you are interviewing. Try to avoid asking questions for which you could easily find the answers on your own by searching the Internet. In addition, it is best to avoid asking questions about salary or vacation time during the interview, as these questions suggest you may be more interested in the benefits than in the job itself.

As you organize, prepare to answer questions that are likely to come up during the interview. For example, an interviewer probably will ask why you want this position, why you consider yourself qualified, what you consider to be your strengths and weaknesses, and what motivated you to pursue a career in teaching. The questions may come in different forms, but such fundamental issues are almost certain to arise, and it is important to be ready with coherent, precise responses.