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Complex Traits

Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD.

Message Codes

Procedure (cont.)

Write or project the following conversation for students to see.

Person 1: hru?

Person 2: hv hw

Person 1: cul8r?

Person 2: gr8 ttys

Ask students, When would you write something like this? [text message on a smart phone] Follow by asking, Does the message use symbols that everyone can read? [Only people who know how to send text messages in English can understand the code.] Have one or more students translate the text messages into full sentences shown below.

Person 1: How are you? 

Person 2: Have homework. 

Person 1: Call you later? Person 

Person 2: Great. Talk to you soon.

Ask students to share other examples of text messaging codes. Ask, What are the advantages of using a code? [A code conveys information in a compact way, but the receiver has to know how to make sense of the code.]

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