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Magnifying and Observing Cells

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, and Nancy Moreno, PhD

Typical Parts of Plant Cells

Show students the “Magnifying Cells” page. Explain that they will be using a microscope to examine onion epidermis ("skin") and a leaf from an Elodea (water weed) plant. 

Before beginning, students will need to know a little about what they might see. Explain that the components they will be identifying are very tiny and visible only under magnification.

Not all components will be visible in all cells, but students will be able to be able to see some or all of the following structures: nucleus, cytoplasm, cell wall, and chloroplasts (visible only in the Elodea leaves).

Funded by the following grant(s)

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: 5R25RR018605