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Microbes and Disease

Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, Barbara Tharp, MS, Deanne B. Erdmann, MS, Sonia Rahmati Clayton, PhD, and James P. Denk, MA

Let’s Talk About It

Distribute six copies of the “3-2-1” student sheet to each student group. 

Have the members of each group present their concept map and information about their assigned disease to the class. After each presentation, allow time for a class discussion about the disease. 

Next, have each group complete a 3-2-1 sheet for each disease. Assign a new disease to each group. Groups should create a piece of art that illustrates their respective diseases and write an accompanying paragraph that explains how their artwork represents the disease. 

Have each group select one student to present its artwork and explanation to the class.

Funded by the following grant(s)

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: 5R25RR018605