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What Do You Know About Microbes? (pre-assessment)

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, and Nancy Moreno, PhD

What Do You Know About Microbes?

Before students begin the lesson, explain that they will be learning about microbes (also called microorganisms), the most numerous organisms on Earth. 

Make and distribute copies of “What About Microbes?” student sheet. Have students complete the pre-assessment indiviually. 

Collect students' completed pre-assessments and ask if there are any questions—but do not provide answers to items on the pre-assessment (this will be part of the post-assessment). 

Encourage students to ask questions or discuss observations they may have about microbes. You may want to show students the slide above to encourage more questions and discussion. This dialogue should produce more questions than answers. Hopefully, it will spark students' curiosity about the world of microbes.

Make a list of things students want to learn. Record questions and observations on a class chart to be revisited with the post-assessment.

Funded by the following grant(s)

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: 5R25RR018605