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Observing Different Microbes

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, MS, and Nancy Moreno, PhD

Safety Considerations

It is important that students always think about safety when conducting a science investigation, and this slide may be used to review safety with your class before starting the activity. Also, keep the following points in mind.

  • Always follow your district and school safety guidelines.
  • Have a clear understanding of the investigation in advance (practice any investigation with which you are not familiar).
  • Make sure appropriate safety equipment, such as safety goggles, is available.
  • Continually monitor the area where the investigation is being conducted.
  • Glass slides should be discarded in separate containers designed for glass and sharps disposal.
  • Any student who is immuno-compromised should wear disposable gloves when handling pond water.
  • Students must wash hands thoroughly after handling slides with pond water.

Funded by the following grant(s)

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: 5R25RR018605