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Pokegama Bay contains extensive forested wetlands, uplands, clay flats and submerged lands.
Courtesy of NOAA.

Ecosystems are composed of all interacting organisms (biota) along with their physical and chemical environments. Physical aspects of an ecosystem, called abiotic components, include variables related to temperature, sunlight, soil, and other factors.

Companion slide set to the video, "Ecosystems."


Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, Deanne Erdmann, MS, and Sonia Rahmati Clayton, PhD
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Homo floresiensis

Flores Island

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain

Pandemics of the 20th Century

Seasonal Flu vs. Pandemic Flu

Avian Influenza: Preventing Transmission

Ecological Terminology


Ecological Pyramids of Biomass

Modern Evolutionary Theory

Natural Selection

Hardy-Weinberg Principle

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