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Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

Introduction to Mendelian Genetics

M. peleides butterflies in the Chaa Creek area of western Belize.
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Mendel used experimental approaches to characterize a particulate model of inheritance. In doing so, he developed the three Laws of Inheritance. Examine how Mendel made his important discoveries.

Author(s): Lisa M. Meffert, PhD
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Mendelian Genetics: The Laws of Inheritance

Blending Model of Inheritance vs. Particulate Model of Inheritance

Mendel’s Research on Particulate Inheritance

Working Out Mendelian Genetics

Crossing the Parental Lines: Male Contribution

Crossing the Parental Lines: Female Contribution

Crossing the F1 Generation: Male Contribution

Crossing the F1 Generation: Female Contribution

Moving on to Two Traits at a Time

Cross with a Female Double Heterozygote

Crossing the Double Heterozygotes: Male Contribution

Crossing the Double Heterozygotes: Female Contribution

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