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Introduction to Pedigrees

Introduction to Pedigrees

Genealogy of the Lee family of Virginia and Maryland.
Courtesy of the US Library of Congress.

A pedigree shows how a trait is inherited over several generations. Dr. Lisa Meffert explains why pedigrees are important, and the key factors scientists consider when studying pedigrees.

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Author(s): Lisa M. Meffert, PhD
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Pedigrees: Working Out Inheritance Patterns

Factors to Consider in Pedigrees

Pedigree Diagrams: I

Pedigree Diagrams: II

Marfan’s Syndrome: An Example

Marfan’s Syndrome: Genotype the Normal Individuals

Marfan's Syndrome: Genotype the Affected Individuals

Marfan's Syndrome: Parent–offspring Relationships

Marfan's Syndrome:Parental Genotypes Known

Albinism: An Example

Albinism: Genotype the Affected Individual

Albinism:Genotype the Normal Individuals

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