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Overview of the Respiratory System

Author(s): Nancy Moreno, PhD, Deanne Erdmann, MS, and Sonia Rahmati Clayton, PhD
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Naive Discovery Model

Edited Transcript from “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” Richard Gibbs, PhD*
If you subscribe to that model, which of course we all did at the beginning of the Human Genome Project, then you had to subscribe to this pretty simplistic model of how all this was going to work. That is, there would be a primary data discovery, the sequence of the human genome. This would easily lead to discovering genes and inferring their function, and we would just use that information to modulate and cure disease and do diagnostics and prognostics.

* Notes in this slide presentation are adapted from the transcript of “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” a presentation by Richard Gibbs, PhD, given in August 2007, as part of Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Medicine Grand Rounds Human Genetics Symposium.