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Overview of the Respiratory System

Overview of the Respiratory System

Bronchial tubes and their branches can be seen in this normal chest x-ray.
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The respiratory system, composed of lungs, airways, respiratory muscles and blood vessels, serves as the mechanism that brings oxygen into the body and release CO2 out of the body.




Author(s): Deanne Erdmann, MS, and Nancy Moreno, PhD
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Avian Influenzas: Ability to Change (part 1)

Hardy-Weinberg Principle

Deviations from the Hardy-Weinberg Equilibrium


Flu: The virus

Systematics: Evolutionary Classification of Organisms

Transmission of Infectious Diseases

Example of an Infectious Disease - Flu

Example of an Infectious Disease - AIDS

Emerging Infectious Diseases

How Are Viruses Studied?

What Organisms and Host Cells Do Viruses Infect?

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