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The Pathway to Genomic Medicine

Author(s): Richard A. Gibbs, PhD

(Less) Naive Discovery Model

Edited Transcript from “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” Richard Gibbs, PhD*
Of course, we all knew that that was a very naive model, and it had much more complexity to it. In fact, this big box on the left actually represents all of the biomedical research, and what everybody’s been doing all along. I think what we’ve been doing since is really adding layers and layers, and smaller and smaller tics to this diagram, while acknowledging the importance of the integration of simple genomic approaches into the complexity of biomedical research and disease phenotypes.

* Notes in this slide presentation are adapted from the transcript of “The Pathway to Genomic Medicine,” a presentation by Richard Gibbs, PhD, given in August 2007, as part of Baylor College of Medicine’s Department of Medicine Grand Rounds Human Genetics Symposium.