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Astronaut Edward M. (Mike) Fincke, Expedition 9 NASA science officer and flight engineer aboard the International Space Station, juggles fresh fruit in microgravity.
Courtesy of NASA.

What is microgravity? How is it created? And how does it impact astronauts during spaceflight? Gregory Vogt, EdD, provides answers to these and other questions about the near weightless conditions in space.

Author(s): David R. Caprette, PhD
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Behaviors of Mixtures

The Science of Breathing

The Science of Breathing (cont.)

Presenting. . . You! (2)

Diagram of the Human Heart

Let’s Get Started: Prepare the Lungometer

Begin the Experiment

The Science of Vital Lung Capacity

Seeking Countermeasures to the Deleterious Effects of Space Travel on Skeletal Muscle


Motor Units and Musculoskeletal System

Myosin is the Muscle’s “Motor Protein”

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