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Light Microscopy: Comparison of Optics

Light Microscopy: Comparison of Optics

Darkfield x400 (left) and brightfield x2000.
© Micrographia\John Walsh.

Scientists use a variety of methods to view different subjects through a light microscope. Dr. David Caprette explains different optics (bright field, dark field, phase contrast, etc.) and the some of the best uses for each.

This slide set accompanies the presentation, "Light Microscopy: Comparison of Optics."

Author(s): David R. Caprette, PhD
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“Empty” Magnification

Depth of Focus

Field of View and Light Intensity


Counting Chamber (Hemacytometer)

Using a Bright Field Light Microscope

Mount a Specimen

Adjusting the Oculars

The Condenser

Find the Target at Low Power

Strategy for Working up in Magnification

Focusing at High Magnification

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