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Science Safety in Elementary Schools

Author(s): Michael Vu, MS

Science Safety Activity Results: 1-9

1. The teacher is inattentive and not supervising classroom, and also is holding a beverage when the consumption of food and drink are not allowed in the science classroom. 

2. Students should not ingest or inhale any of the substances they are working with unless specifically asked to. 

3. Heavy equipment is not secure. 

4. Spill on the classroom floor which poses a slipping hazard. 

5. Running in the science classroom 

6. Electrical cords are in a high traffic area and could possible trip students. 

7. Magnets can damage electrical equipment and could be a safety issue. 

8. A burner is left on, potentially a burn or fire hazard. 

9. Throwing objects across the room is a safety hazard and could potentially harm a student.

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