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Science Safety in Elementary Schools

Author(s): Michael Vu, MS

Science Safety Activity Results: 10-18

10. Student is wrapped up in a loose electrical cord which poses a tripping hazard. 

11. Student is inattentive and not sitting properly on stool. 

12. Animals in the classroom should be handled with care and students should be supervised when around the animals. 

13. Fire extinguishers should be in an easily accessible place in case of an emergency  

14. Chemicals should never be ingested as they may be potentially hazardous. 

15. Stools in the aisle pose a tripping hazard. 

16. Students climbing onto ledges or shelves to grab items poses a falling hazard, and could lead to heavy furniture falling on top of them. 

17. First aid kits and other emergency supplies should be in an area where it can be accessed easily. 

18. Students should use gloves, aprons, goggles, and other safety equipment when needed.

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