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Using a Micropipettor

Author(s): Sonia Rahmati Clayton, PhD

Micropipettor: Parts

Micropipettors are produced by various manufacturers, but they all share some common features. The basic micropipettors parts are (refer to the above diagram):
a: Plunger button - has two resistances points. Try both so you are familiar with them. The volume range the micropipettor can dispense is usually written on the top of the plunger button.
b: Tip ejector button - depresses to release used tips.
c: Volume adjustment dial - adjust to set the volume to be accurately measured and transferred.
d: Digital volume indicator - displays the exact quantities to be measured in microliters.
e: Shaft - holds the parts responsible for the displacement of the air in the tip and accommodates the disposable tips.
f: Disposable tips - plastic tips color coded by size, which hold the liquid to be measured and transferred. After each use, it is important to release the tips into a designated container for disposables. Do not point the micropipettor towards anyone while ejecting tips.