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Using a Micropipettor

Author(s): Sonia Rahmati Clayton, PhD

Micropipettor: Inserting a Tip

Once the volume is set, you can insert a disposable tip and start the transfer process. It is important to learn how to hold a micropippetor. The best method for holding a micropipettor is to place it in the palm of your hands and curl your fingers around it, so that the tip ejector button is pointed away from you. This will prevent accidental release of the tip. Experiment with the plunger button to get a feel for the two resistances points.
Locate a box of correct size tips. Sterile tips may be purchased if the experiment requires sterile conditions. Open the tip box lid without touching any of the tips inside. Insert the micropippettor shaft inside a tip and press down firmly. Remove the micropipettor with attached tip from the box and make sure the tip does not touch anything.