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Adult Neurogenesis

Adult Neurogenesis

The last decade of the 20th century, proclaimed the "Decade of the Brain," yielded tremendous advances in the field of neuroscience. Insights into the biology of drug addiction, as well as the neuronal mechanisms that underlie learning and memory, provided exciting revelations about some of the brain's primary functions. Perhaps the decade's most surprising finding was the discovery that the human brain is capable of generating new neurons throughout life.

Author(s): Tadzia GrandPré, PhD
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Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis

The Function of Adult Neurogenesis

Muscle Wasting Countermeasure Studies for NSBRI

Interviewing for a teaching position

Compact Bone Tissue

Human Endocrine System Diagram

Human Nervous System

Seeking Countermeasures to the Deleterious Effects of Space Travel on Skeletal Muscle

Skeletal Muscle and Loading State

Consequences of the Muscle Atrophy Response

Strategies to Conserve Muscle Mass

Portfolio of the NSBRI Muscle Team

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