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5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

Nancy Moreno, PhD, presents an overview and describes the benefits of the “5-E” teaching model, while providing keys for successfully incorporating this model into inquiry science teaching.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science."

Author(s): Tadzia GrandPré, PhD, Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Lisa Marie Meffert, PhD
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Pedigree Diagrams: II

Earthworm Inquiry Activity

Introduction to Phylogenetic Kingdoms Comparison Activity

Preparing Wet Mount Slides of Plant Cells

Comparing Onion and Elodea Cells

Motor Units and Musculoskeletal System

Why Do Skeletal Muscle Fibers Atrophy During Space Flight?

Knee Extensor Muscle Size in Response to Different States of Unloading

Consequences of the Muscle Atrophy Response

Strategies to Conserve Muscle Mass

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