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5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science

Nancy Moreno, PhD, presents an overview and describes the benefits of the “5-E” teaching model, while providing keys for successfully incorporating this model into inquiry science teaching.

Companion slide set for the presentation, "5-E Model for Teaching Inquiry Science."

Author(s): Tadzia GrandPré, PhD, Nancy Moreno, PhD, and Lisa Marie Meffert, PhD
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Human Genetic Disorders (II)

Mendelian Disorders (I)


Guiding Questions for this Presentation

Progress in Knowledge Discovery: 1990 Mutation Detection by PCR

An Enormous Amount of Sequence Data was Generated Through the Human Genome Project

Exploring Mendelian Disease by “Predictive Genotyping”

Functional Mutation Detection Project

Personalized Genomes: Technology Drives the Realities

Current Technology Platforms

Ethical Considerations for Data Release

“Project Jim:”Different Classes of Variants Identified

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