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Interviewing for a Teaching Position

Interviewing for a Teaching Position

Learn how to prepare for an interview, and understand the role of an interview in assessing a job candidate.

Companion slide set for the video, "Interviewing for a Teaching Position."

Author(s): David R. Caprette, PhD
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Preparing Wet Mount Slides of Plant Cells

Comparing Onion and Elodea Cells

Sessions 2-4: Follow-up Observations

Discovery Readings


Alzheimer's Disease (AD) - A Mind-robbing Condition

Prepare Slides of Microbes to Observe

Let's Talk About Bacteria

Quantitative Methods: Solutions and Dilutions

Weight/Weight (W/W) Solutions

Weight-in-Volume (W/V) Solutions

Example: Prepare 2 Liters 0.85% Sodium Chloride

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