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Interviewing for a Teaching Position

Author(s): Tracy Volz, PhD

Eliminate Negativity

While it is natural to be nervous before an interview, it is important to go in with a positive attitude. Before you walk through the door, be sure to replace any negative thoughts with positive ones. For example, like a lot of people walking into an interview, you might be thinking, “I’m freaking out! I’m going to blow this!” That will not do. Instead, remind yourself of how well you have prepared for this moment, and how ready you are to win over the interviewer.

Instead of thinking of your interviewer as an adversary standing between you and the position you want, think of him or her as being the connection to it. Understand that your interviewer is eager to hire someone with your talents. This is why the employer has invited you to interview! They obviously think enough of you to meet you in person, and remember, they are invested in this process, too. There are needs on both sides. So if your thoughts begin to wander toward “He/she thinks I’m an idiot!” consider instead that he or she is looking for someone like you to fill the position. Your goal during the interview is to convince them that you are THE person for whom they have been looking.