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Interviewing for a Teaching Position

Author(s): Tracy Volz, PhD

Know Your Employer More

In addition to studying the school in general, learn all you can about the department head and faculty in the department you would like to join. How many faculty members are in the department? What are their areas of expertise? How long have they been teaching at the school? Are they involved in extra-curricular activities as club sponsors or as organizers of outreach activities? Has the school, department or individuals in it been recognized for any particular accomplishments?

Investigate the types of professional development opportunities that will be available to support your growth as a teacher. Find out how you will be oriented to your new school environment and trained for your new role when you first join the faculty. Be sure to ask how your performance will be assessed.
What facilities and resources will be available to you? Are resources easily obtained, or are they scarce? If you are a science teacher, investigate what kinds of laboratory space are available at the school. Any teacher will want to know what computer/technology resources are available (including tech support). Ask whether teachers in your prospective department share materials and supplies. 

Take note of any special awards, status, or recognition the school has earned. And finally, if you have not already done so, study your state’s standardized tests for your content area and how the school’s students have performed. Prepare interview responses about the skills you have that will contribute to the efforts already underway within the school/department.