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Lessons and More

Lessons and More

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BioEd Online offers high-quality lessons, teacher guides, slides, video and supplemental materials that can be downloaded for use in your classroom. Materials are sorted by format, topic and grade level, making it easy locate content that is appropriate for your students. All lessons are aligned with national standards, and were developed by scientists and educators at Baylor College of Medicine.

  • Resource Collections

    Resource Collections

    These aggregated, comprehensive collections of teaching resources cover a wide range of science topics, from the brain to bird flu and butterflies in space.

  • Lessons by Topic

    Lessons by Topic

    Explore our library of inquiry-based, field-tested, standards-aligned lessons and supporting content. Materials are sorted by topic and grade level, and can be downloaded as PDF documents for classroom use.

  • Teacher Guides

    Teacher Guides

    Download complete instructional guides with teacher background information, classroom lessons and supporting materials created by teams of educators, scientists and healthcare specialists.

  • Focus on STEM

    Focus on STEM

    STEM activities are fun and educational. Baylor College of Medicine offers after-school programs that enable students to become disease detectives or budding engineers.