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STEM on Patrol

STEM Activities with the Hess Police Truck and Cruiser

Author(s): Gregory L. Vogt, Ed.D. | Editors: Nancy P. Moreno, Ph.D.; Dolores Garay, M.S.T.; Michelle Moore, MFA; Jimmie W. Thomas, MEd | Baylor College of Medicine, and Justin A. Mayer, M.B.A., Hess Corporation
STEM on Patrol
Baylor College of Medicine and Hess Corporation have teamed to offer another unique resource for teaching STEM content to young learners. The 2023 Hess Police Truck and Cruiser and the accompanying teacher guide provide ample hands-on opportunities for learners to explore the science of force and motion. STEM is on patrol with the Hess Police and Truck and Cruiser!
Activities in this guide use the 2023 Hess Police Truck and Cruiser to explore precision driving, vehicle safety, and other issues that apply to emergency response in policing. Additionally, the artistic component of police truck and cruiser design and the accompanying activities incorporates art into STEM, giving us the modified acronym STEAM.
The eight activities contained in the guide are designed for students in grades K–8. The order of the activities can be changed as desired. All activities support the Three Dimensions of Science Learning in the Next Generation Science Standards. Some activities include student pages that can be used for assessment or placed in science notebooks.
While spanning grades K–8, each activity is easily adaptable for students in specific grades. The lessons may be used sequentially or separately and/or inserted into an existing curriculum.

The following STEM activities are included in the guide:
  1. Pendulum Run: How can police officers avoid accidents when driving police cruisers at high speeds on city streets?
  2. Precision Driving: What is precision driving?
  3. Performance Check: Is the new Hess Police Cruiser ready for duty?
  4. Traction Action: How does the surface of a road affect the traction of tires on a Hess Police Cruiser?
  5. Over and Under: How does the Hess Police Cruiser navigate freeways in an emergency?
  6. Exploring Force: Is the extendable battering ram on the Hess Police Cruiser strong enough to move a vehicle in emergency situations?
  7. Slingshot: What is the relationship between the mass of a Hess Police Truck and acceleration?
  8. Crash Barrier: How do crash barriers lessen the effects of an impact?


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The application for a 2023 Hess Police Truck and Cruiser STEM Kit will be available on October 16, 2023 at the Hess Toy Truck Site (

A STEM Kit will include (12) 2023 Hess Police Truck and Cruiser sets to be used with the free downloadable 2023 Hess STEM on Patrol curriculum guide.

Hess Police Truck and Cruiser STEM Kits are NOT available through BioEd Online.