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Lessons by Topic

Lessons by Topic

Explore our library of inquiry-based, field-tested, standards-aligned lessons and supporting content. Materials are sorted by topic and grade level, and can be downloaded as PDF documents for classroom use.

  • Animals: Form and Function

    Animals: Form and FunctionLessons

    Movement, life cycles and reproduction, animal body types, body systems, maintaining the internal environment, adaptations, development

  • Brain and Behavior

    Brain and BehaviorLessons

    Nervous system, brain, senses, movement, components of the nervous system, neurotransmission, learning and memory, drugs, diseases of the nervous system, instincts

  • Cells


    Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells, mitosis, meiosis, cell cycle, membranes, organization and substructures

  • Chemistry


    Chemical reactions and compounds, atom, molecule, ion, molecular bond, covalent bond, carbon, elements, acids, bases, solutions, dilutions, mixtures, polymers, energy, entropy, periodic table

  • COVID-19


    COVID HACKS teaching resources engage students in key science and engineering practices, such as asking questions, developing and using models, planning and carrying out investigations, analyzing or interpreting data, and communicating scientific information.

  • Diversity and Classification

    Diversity and ClassificationLessons

    Species diversity, systems of classification, process of classification (grouping of organisms based on shared characteristics)

  • Earth and Its Resources

    Earth and Its ResourcesLessons

    Global environmental issues, oceans, weather, cycles of matter and energy, carbon, water, rock, landforms, fossil fuel, alternative energy

  • Ecology


    Ecosystems, communities, populations, matter and energy cycles, energy transfer (food chains and webs), soil science, global environmental issues, conservation, health, global warming, climate change

  • Engineering and Design

    Engineering and DesignLessons

    Using scientific principles to invent, design, develop, test, refine, build, maintain and improve structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes, in order to produce solutions and/or products.

  • Forces and Motion

    Forces and MotionLessons

    Mass, acceleration, change, momentum, Newton's laws, push, pull, friction, kinetic, potential