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Lessons by Topic

Lessons by Topic

Explore our library of inquiry-based, field-tested, standards-aligned lessons and supporting content. Materials are sorted by topic and grade level, and can be downloaded as PDF documents for classroom use.

  • Genetics and Inheritance

    Genetics and InheritanceLessons

    Patterns of inheritance, Mendelian genetics, variation of traits, pedigrees

  • Human Organism

    Human OrganismLessons

    Cells, tissues, organs, body systems, human body, human physiology, health and wellness, diseases, sleep and performance, human nutrition

  • Matter and Energy Flow

    Matter and Energy FlowLessons

    Materials, properties of matter, phases (solid, liquid, gases); energy flow, including processes in living systems (respiration, fermentation, photosynthesis, energy reactions in cells)

  • Microorganisms


    Bacteria, archaebacteria, fungi, protists, algae, viruses, infectious diseases, helpful microorganisms, microbiome

  • Molecular Genetics

    Molecular GeneticsLessons

    DNA and RNA structure and function, gene regulation, proteins, mutation, viral structures and replication, genomics, medical genetics

  • Nature of Science

    Nature of ScienceLessons

    Contributions by scientists, how scientists go about their work (methods of science), hypothesis, scientific questions, science careers, history of science.

  • Plants: Form and Function

    Plants: Form and FunctionLessons

    Roots, stems, leaves, transport, life cycles and reproduction, nutrition, adaptations, development

  • Space Life Sciences

    Space Life SciencesLessons

    Effects of microgravity on body systems, countermeasures to promote astronaut health in space

  • Space Science

    Space ScienceLessons

    Sun, solar system, planet, star, galaxy, moon, orbit

  • Tools and Techniques

    Tools and TechniquesLessons

    Introduction to science laboratory tools, techniques and best practices.