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Paper Rockets - Advanced

Author(s): Deborah A. Shearer, MS, and Gregory L. Vogt, EdD
Paper Rockets - Advanced

© Derrick Neill.

Students design and construct advanced, high-powered paper rockets for specific flight missions.

Each student (or small team of students), selects a flight mission and designs and constructs a rocket that will achieve the mission. He or she will predict rocket performance and chance of mission success, fly the rocket, and file a post-flight mission report. Specific missions include achieving high altitude records, landing on a “planetary” target, carrying payloads, testing a rocket recovery system, and more. Instructions are provided for different paper rocket construction techniques.

The "Paper Rockets - Advanced" activity is from the Rockets Educators Guide. Although grade levels are suggested, small modifications will enable more complex activities to be used successfully with other grade levels for observation, demonstration or complete lessons.

Download: Paper Rockets - Advanced

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