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Food: Nutrition and Energy

Food: Nutrition and Energy

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  • Energy for Life

    Energy for LifeLesson

    Students observe and quantify the growth of yeast (a single-celled fungus) that it is given table sugar as a food source.

  • Energy Sources

    Energy SourcesLesson

    Students measure and compare the amount of heat energy released from two different types of food.

  • Your Energy Needs

    Your Energy NeedsLesson

    Students estimate average daily baseline energy needs for different levels of activity.

  • Serving Sizes

    Serving SizesLesson

    Students estimate the serving sizes of different foods and compare their estimates to actual serving size information provided on food labels.

  • Servings and Choices

    Servings and ChoicesLesson

    Students document their individual eating habits and learn whether these dietary patterns meet their nutritional needs.

  • Your Nutrition Needs

    Your Nutrition NeedsLesson

    Students compare their own eating habits to standard recommendations for a healthy diet.

  • Nutritional Challenges

    Nutritional ChallengesLesson

    Students learn about healthy eating habits to meet special lifestyle needs, such as those of athletes, persons with diabetes and vegetarians.

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    Adolescent Nutrition Presentation

    Nutrition expert Roberta Anding discusses major concerns and key issues related to fitness and nutrition among adolescent populations, and she recommends behaviors that can promote adolescent health.

  • Food

    Food Lessons

    Soil, seeds, plants, plant growth, photosynthesis, edible plant parts, food webs, ecosystems, nutrients, digestion, pollution in food, bacteria, food labels, food safety, bioaccumulation

  • Make a Processed Food

    Make a Processed Food Lesson

    Each student prepares and eats a processed food product (frozen banana pop).

  • Raw vs. Processed Food

    Raw vs. Processed Food Lesson

    Students investigate the meaning of “processed,” as it pertains to food. They also distinguish between natural and processed foods, and learn about sources of some foods.