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Nature of Science

Nature of Science

Contributions by scientists, how scientists go about their work (methods of science), hypothesis, scientific questions, science careers, history of science.

  • HIV/AIDS in the United States

    HIV/AIDS in the United StatesLesson

    Students read an essay about misperceptions related to HIV/AIDS and use statistical data to create presentations on the impacts of HIV/AIDS in the United States.

  • Mapping the Spread of HIV/AIDS

    Mapping the Spread of HIV/AIDSLesson

    Students read an essay about how scientists first tracked HIV/AIDS, then play the role of epidemiologist as they use actual data to map the spread of the disease worldwide.

  • Milestones in Microbiology

    Milestones in MicrobiologyLesson

    Students read about six milestones in the history of microbiology, create a timeline of events, and learn that many scientific advances become possible only after appropriate tools and techniques have been developed.

  • Scientific Decision-making

    Scientific Decision-makingLessons

    Decision-making, scientific method, t-chart, decision, defining objectives, alternative choices, options, compromise and tradeoffs, risk, consequences, comparative effectiveness, evaluate, health decision, healthy choices, heart disease, ischemic.

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