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Allergies and Allergens

Author(s): Gregory L. Vogt Ed.D., Nancy P. Moreno, Ph.D., and Barbara Z. Tharp, M.S.
Allergies and Allergens

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The Allergy Busters Teacher’s Guide uses an integrated approach including survey techniques and graphing to help students learn about allergies and allergy-causing organisms. The guide features the following hands-on activities.

  1. What's My Allergy? - Using Survey Techniques to Gather Information

  2. The Birthday Party Menu - Meal Planning with Allergies in Mind

  3. Pardon My Dust - Investigating Airborne Sources of Allergies

  4. From Where Does Pollen Come? - Flowering Plant Reproduction

  5. Pollen in Your Region - Tracking Pollen Counts

  6. Cockroach Patrol - Cockroach Reproduction and Allergies

  7. Go Fish for Allergens - Use Your Knowledge to Win!

  8. Your Story - Using Information

Though most appropriate for use with elementary school students, these activities have been used successfully with students in other grade levels.

Note: This publication is the field-test version. Results from the field-test, currently under review, may alter the final contents of the guide.

Download: Allergy Busters Teacher's Guide

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