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Ants in Space

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NASA video of ant habitats 1-8 from the Ants in Space experiment aboard the International Space Station can be found below. The experiments were conducted on January 13, 2014.

The Ants in Space videos consist of two sets of data, one from the ISS-based experiments and one from the Earth-based comparison investigations.

Eight duplicate habitats on the International Space Station contained approximately 80 ants each. A similar set of ground-based habitats were set up and observed as a comparison. In both environments (microgravity aboard ISS and regular gravity on Earth), partitions in the habitats were opened at various times to enlarge the ants’ exploration areas. Each exploration period was approximately 25 minutes.

Videos marked with the term "Ground HAB" show the comparison habitats, in which the ants experienced normal gravity. Videos marked "HAB" are of habitats on the Space Station, in which the ants experienced microgravity.

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