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Mr. Slaptail's Secret

Author(s): Judith Dresden, Barbara Tharp, and Nancy Moreno. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Mr. Slaptail's Secret
  • Grades:
  • K-2

Rosie's cousin, Riff, comes to visit for the summer, and they are intrigued by the activities of Rosie's mysterious, secretive neighbor.
Synopsis: Riff and Rosie look forward to another fun summer together in Bright Water Corners. This adventure finds them observing their neighbor, Mr. Slaptail, dragging a big, dark bag down a moonlit road. As the mystery unfolds, they discover Mr. Slaptail's cluttered, dusty home is packed full of trash, recycled products, and chemical products, like paint and glue. What makes Rosie sneeze? What does Mr. Slaptail do with all of his stuff?

Mr. Slaptail's Secret also features informative science boxes that highlight related topics to discuss, such as the gases in air, what causes allergies, and simple methods to make homes a little healthier. At the end of the book is an illustrated activity and a glossary of terms for student and teacher use.

The book is an integrated component of the Air curricular unit, but it may also be used as a stand-alone reading activity or with the unit's reading/language arts and mathematics supplements, Air: The Reading Link and Air: The Math Link.

This storybook may be used with students in other grade levels. The activities are most appropriate for use with students in grades 3–5.

Download: Mr. Slaptail's Secret

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