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Mystery of the Muddled Marsh

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, Judith Dresden and Nancy Moreno. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Mystery of the Muddled Marsh
  • Grades:
  • K-2

Mr. Slaptail and the cousins, Rosie and Riff, investigate harmful changes occurring in the local creek, pond and marsh.

Synopsis: As Rosie and Riff race paper boats on Beaver Pond, they encounter many of their neighbors sadly leaving their homes. What is happening in nearby Marigold Marsh to make the animals want to leave? Riff and Rosie are joined by Mr. Slaptail as they go exploring to solve the mystery. What do they learn along the way?

Mystery of the Muddled Marsh also features informative science boxes that highlight related topics to discuss, such as fresh water facts, water in the human body, pollutants and effects of water runoff. At the end of the book is an illustrated activity and a glossary of health and science terms for student and teacher use.

The book is an integrated component of the Water unit, but may be used as a stand-alone reading activity or with the unit's reading/language arts and mathematics supplements, Water: The Reading Link and Water: The Math Link.

This storybook may be used with students in other grade levels. They are most appropriate for use with students in grades 3-5.

Download: Mystery of the Muddled Marsh

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