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Skullduggery: A Case of Cranium Confusion

Author(s): Grace Boyle. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Skullduggery: A Case of Cranium Confusion

Skullduggery presents the escapades of the NeuroExplorers Club in an illustrated storybook that also teaches science and health concepts.

Synopsis: Members of the NeuroExplorers club find themselves creeping around the Skull Caves at Calicoon, where they hope to help Professor Ottzinger find the missing skull of the Mishigara Man and clear the Professor’s name!

Skullduggery features science topics related to discuss, such as the three major parts of the brain and what role each plays, the importance of the skull, the purpose of sulci and gyri, and that an animals brains differ in size and shape.

This book is an integrated component of the Brain Comparisons unit, but it also may be used as a stand-alone reading activity or with reading/language arts lessons found in Brain Comparisons: The Reading Link.

Download: Skullduggery

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Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

Grant Number: R25 RR09833