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Tillena Lou’s Day in the Sun

Author(s): Barbara Tharp, Paula Cutler and Nancy Moreno. Illustrated by T Lewis.
Tillena Lou’s Day in the Sun
  • Grades:
  • K-2

Tillena Lou and her siblings spend a lazy day imagining what it might be like if they were other types of animals. What would they need to survive?

Synopsis: Tillena Lou explores her home and discovers interesting things about the animals that live nearby. During her explorations, she imagines what it must be like to be a bird, fish, or dragonfly! Tillena's joined in her adventure by her brother Tee, sister Taffy, and older brother, Ben. What do the little turtles discover?

The book is an integrated component of the Living Things and Their Needs unit but may be used as a stand-alone reading activity or with the unit's reading/language arts and mathematics supplements: The Reading Link and The Math Link.

This storybook is most appropriate for use with students in grades K–2 but may also be used with students in other grade levels.

Download: Tillena Lou's Day in the Sun

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Science Education Partnership Award, NIH

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